fall gardening perennials

Meeting the Needs of Your Fall Blooming Perennials

Meeting the fertilizer needs of your fall blooming perennials doesn’t have to be a mystery. There is a right way to do it that...
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Prepping Fruit Trees in Late Summer and Early Fall

We've been looking at how our fruit-bearing plants fare at the end of summer. We shouldn't, however, neglect all the necessary care for our...
Pruning in late summer

Pruning in Late Summer – Pro’s and Con’s

Hey, it sure is comfortable out working in the garden in late summer. There's some harvesting to be done while the weather gets a...
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Gardening Irrigation: What We Learned This Summer

As always, we learned a few things about our irrigation systems over the summer. There were times when we had to learn things the...
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How to Prepare a Cold Frame for Fall

A cold frame is a means to give tender plants a gentler dormancy through the winter months. It will extend the life of a...

5 Deer Resistant Vines For Fall Planting

We all love to see wildlife and especially deer, but we don't want them in our garden eating our plants. Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural...