deer in winter garden

Keeping Pests and Disease Away During Winter

Insect pests and diseases are a problem that every gardener has to deal with. For those that choose organic control, as opposed to chemical...
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Beautiful Flowers You Can Grow Indoors

Who doesn’t love flowers? They have so much color, vibrancy, and are just a delight to have around the house. If you’re looking for...
Build a snowman

Do You Want to Build A Snowman?

There’s nothing worse than a sad, melting, lopsided snowman on the front lawn, despite hours of hard work from you and your kids. All...
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How to Plant an Indoor Herb Garden

Having fresh herbs whenever you need them for your special dishes or drinks is such a great convenience. There is never a doubt that...
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How Snow is Good For Your Garden

Winter seems to be something that is scary for some gardeners. Although the snow can cause havoc on some plants, it could be a...
winter gardening

Making Room for Winter Gardening

You don't have to quit gardening just because winter is coming. In fact, some of us really like the challenge. We also like calling...