compost soil

The Best Ways to Start Composting

Compost is decayed organic matter that has been recycled and reused as plant fertilizer, making it vital to any garden. While you can head...

The Top 4 Worst Garden Weeds

Plain and simple, gardeners hate weeds. That's because they tend to kill off the plants you're working so hard to grow by sucking all...
terrarium how-to

COOL: How To Make A Terrarium

A plant terrarium is a perfect addition to any indoor space. They increase the oxygen running throughout your room while purifying the air as...
egg shells

Give Your Garden A Calcium Boost

A productive garden cannot grow on dirt and water alone, there has to be some form of nutrients coming from someplace. I use to...

Grow Your Own Delicious Mushrooms

Store bought mushrooms just aren't quite the same as fresh ones right out of your yard. However, just like most gardening, growing mushrooms takes a...
attract birds to garden

Animals Allowed! The Best Way to Attract Wildlife To Your Garden

Gardens are great places to unwind and enjoy the beauty of nature. Whether you enjoy getting your hands dirty or just taking in the...