potting bench

DIY: Constructing a Potting Bench in 5 Steps

Gardeners are nothing without their potting benches. These wooden structures allow them to gather up their tools and materials in one place. While you...
winter vegetables

How to Grow Vegetables in Cold Climates

Gardening in cold weather Well, I come from the south and my grandma and great-grandparents always grew vegetables in the winter time. That was the...
inspiration nature photography

Finding Inspiration in Nature Photography

Photo by Phil Houston In an earlier post, I looked at getting creative with gardening design. A large part of being creative is finding inspiration....
christmas tree

12 ways to recycle your Christmas Tree After Christmas

You took the time to pick out the perfect tree for you and your family to enjoy over the holiday season, so why would...
deer in winter garden

Keeping Pests and Disease Away During Winter

Insect pests and diseases are a problem that every gardener has to deal with. For those that choose organic control, as opposed to chemical...
african violets

Beautiful Flowers You Can Grow Indoors

Who doesn’t love flowers? They have so much color, vibrancy, and are just a delight to have around the house. If you’re looking for...