fall planting bulbs

The Best Bulbs To Plant Right Now

  Before the first freeze Sometimes it’s hard to imagine months ahead what we want our spring garden and yard to look like. Yet, now is...
fall harvest vegetables

Keeping An Eye On Your Fall Harvest

  We all had an abundant amount of tomatoes and cucumbers that matured during the season. It seemed like it happened all at once over...
improve soil fall

Improve Your Soil During The Fall Months

It’s the time of the year when you are getting all the harvesting done from your garden. You have worked all summer to bring...
fall gardening perennials

Meeting the Needs of Your Fall Blooming Perennials

Meeting the fertilizer needs of your fall blooming perennials doesn’t have to be a mystery. There is a right way to do it that...
fruit trees physialis

Prepping Fruit Trees in Late Summer and Early Fall

We've been looking at how our fruit-bearing plants fare at the end of summer. We shouldn't, however, neglect all the necessary care for our...
Pruning in late summer

Pruning in Late Summer – Pro’s and Con’s

Hey, it sure is comfortable out working in the garden in late summer. There's some harvesting to be done while the weather gets a...