Etsy Roundup of Cool Gardening Accessories

etsyEtsy is an amazing online marketplace where thousands of artisans from over 150 countries sell their handmade creations. It is the easiest place to shop from the comfort of your home for unique, one-of-a-kind items at reasonable prices. Today, we have created an “Etsy Roundup” featuring fun and very cool accessories that will add drama, flair and personality to your garden. So sit back and relax, and enjoy! We’re sure you will love some, or all of these fantastic finds!

* Handpainted Wooden Sign — Reading “Weed ‘Em and Reap,” this adorable sign makes for a clever piece of art for your garden. At only $10, this cute sign, sealed with acrylic sealer, is the perfect gift for any gardener. And at that amazing price — get one for yourself too!

* Metal Shepherd Hook Plant Hanger Personalized with Your Name — This strong, high-quality plant hanger stands 4.5 feet tall once placed in the ground, and will hold a large, heavy plant with ease. Going down the side of the stand is “YOUR NAME,” or if you prefer, any other word such as “BELIEVE” or “WELCOME.” You can also include a picture with your word, such as a hummingbird, butterfly or tractor.

* Butterfly Feeder — This unique treasure for your garden will have beautiful butterflies flocking to it. Made of 3 pieces of glass — a pedestal of clear blue with a Fostoria clear stemmed dish and an Anchor Hocking dish with a stunning etched floral design. Just add sugar water and some ripe fruit and watch these delicate creatures feed all day.

* Whimsical Blue Flower Garden Stake — This vibrant, bright blue flower sculpture for your garden or yard is made with glass exclusively produced in Gruppos Ti spa, Italy. The flower is made according to Murano Masters techniques, and hand decorated according to Italian tradition. It’s signed by the artist, and is a gorgeous accent art for any kind of garden.

* Wine Cork Bugs — These quirky, cute critters are made with corks, washers and wire, and make for fun garden decor when hanging from tress or placed on the ground in between flowers and plants. This artist also makes these adorable bugs from skeleton keys, Christmas lights and light bulbs, and are an inexpensive way, at only $6 each, to liven up your garden space.

* Hand Painted Stone Vegetable Garden Markers — This artist will paint any veggie you want, including fruits and herbs. Using acrylic paints and coated with a protective sealant, the word of the vegetable and its picture will be on a Pacific Ocean tumbled rock, and are a clever and cute way to mark your seed plantings.

* Tea Cup Bird Feeder — Are you a bird lover and a tea lover? This upcycled tea cup bird feeder is an adorable and functional garden ornament. Just fill with water and watch the birds come for afternoon tea!


Photo Credit:  Thinkstock


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