Four Ways To Decorate Plants Indoors

Plant Terrarium
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Most people associate plants with the outdoors, but there is actually a wide variety of plants that specifically thrive inside. However, while they may grow best indoors, it’s often difficult to come up with ways to utilize these plants around the house. Well, not anymore. Check out the different methods below that you can use to decorate your living space with houseplants:

1. Terrariums

Creating a terrarium is a great option for those living in a household with small children or pets. That’s because the plants are typically held inside of some type of glass container, keeping it out of reach from all those surrounding it. Besides this, you can also dress up terrariums with rocks, beads and other kinds of colorful items, making it a sort of artwork. Terrariums are a small and simple way to liven up a houseplant.

2. Wall-mounted Planters

Why leave all of your plants cluttered on your counter, when you can have them hanging from your wall instead? These vertical gardens are an easy way to clear up some space and show off your favorite indoor plants. While you can mix and match any plants for the wall-mounted planters, we recommend choosing ones that require the same amount of water and sun.

3. Hanging Planters

Similar to the wall-mounted planters, hanging planters are a great way of making your house look bigger because they free up so much room. These types of planters are usually sleek and can be hung in just about any room you’d like. When you want to showcase your houseplants, hanging planters are must-haves.

4. Nursery Pots

This is the most common method used to draw attention to your plants indoors. That’s because all you need is a modest type of planter. Ceramic, plastic, terra cotta stone – it doesn’t matter, the decision is up to you. While each kind of planter differs in cost, this is a cheap way of displaying your houseplants, bringing light along the way.

Remember, these are only four of the many ways you can dress up your home with your favorite shrubs. ¬†Experiment and take chances, because no matter what method you choose, you’ll be adding an excellent touch to your household.


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