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best seed catalogs

10 Best Seed Catalogs To Help You Get Your Garden Started

It’s that time again when you need to plan for your gardening season. What will you plant and what quality of seed will you use? What important tips can make your garden even better...
organic plant food

Should You Use Commercial Plant Foods?

Your garden is a personal monument that you manifest from your own two hands. How you decide to nurture and cultivate it is all up to you. Many people want things to produce as...
seed catalog armchair gardening

Time To Start Armchair Gardening

If you're not familiar with armchair gardening, let us enlighten you! Truth be told, you're probably an armchair gardener every year around this time, you just didn't know what you were doing had an...
fall gardening tips

Five Things Professional Landscapers Do To Their Yards Every Fall

Doing fall work on your yard prepares it to rest for the winter, and allows it to grow even better next spring. Most of us are just thankful to see that last cutting done...
new uses for diapers gardening

Time To Try Gardening With… Diapers?

We all know modern disposable diapers retain moisture, and we are talking a lot of moisture! Those things take all the moisture away and store it in this incredible mixture of moisture absorbing crystals...
evergreen plants winter garden

Perfect Little Evergreen Plants And Shrubs

The main concern every spring seems to be getting the garden in the ground and planting those gorgeous annuals that will provide a colorful landscape throughout the spring and summer. However, concentrating solely on...
sheet composting

Poor Soil? Try Sheet Composting

If you have poor soil and you like to garden you are always looking for ways to enrich your soil. Having healthy soil that encourages plant growth and fruit production is key to growing...
best winter plants

The Top Five Winter Plants To Help You Garden All Year Long

Everyone loves the spring time with the nice weather and the beautiful bursts of color as the new growth starts to take shape. Every weekend finds gardeners sprinting to the nearest nursery to pick...
fall planting bulbs

The Best Bulbs To Plant Right Now

before the first freezeSometimes it’s hard to imagine months ahead what we want our spring garden and yard to look like. Yet, now is the time to start thinking about planting new bulbs for...
Cyclamen care

Tips On Growing Gorgeous Cyclamen Plants

A cyclamen is an amazingly beautiful plant. The leaves have an interesting pattern on them, and the flowers sprout like shooting stars from their stems, leaving many people in awe. However, when bringing a...
what is pollination

Pollination 101: The Who, What, Where & Why

Pollination is a huge thing when it comes to gardening and plants. After all, most plants can’t give fruit or even reproduce on their own without cross-pollination. But what is pollination, exactly? What causes...
grow berries raised bed

Growing Berries In Raised Beds

Berries are amazing, but unfortunately, they tend to be expensive in stores. Luckily, it’s not too hard to grow berries in your backyard, and with some simple tips, you can learn how to grow berries...
coffee grounds uses in garden

Multiple Ways You Can Use Coffee Grounds In Your Garden

There is a second life for your expensive coffee habit after all!
protect bulbs garden tips

3 Easy Tips That Will Protect Your Bulbs

Don't lose your garden before it even begins.
easiest seeds to grow

Easiest Seeds To Grow For Beginner Gardeners

Gardening is a great pastime. It doesn’t take hours every day, yet it yields great rewards. It’s a huge accomplishment to bring in your own harvest and have fresh garden vegetables for dinner, and...
grow microgreens

Learn To Grow Micro Greens From Seed To Harvest

What are microgreens? Microgreens are a fancy new type of garnish that many specialty stores and restaurants are using now. They’re bright green, healthy for you, and oddly enough, expensive to purchase. It’s almost...
improve soil fall

Improve Your Soil During The Fall Months

It’s the time of the year when you are getting all the harvesting done from your garden. You have worked all summer to bring in those beautiful garden foods. You have had a spring...
weatherproof garden

IMPORTANT: How To Weatherproof Your Garden

Putting a lot planning and hard work into a garden can be a very rewarding experience. There is satisfaction in gazing at your garden and enjoying the beautiful colors and plants flourishing. With care, your...
root bound plants

What To Do With Those Root Bound Plants

Sometimes the plants that you get at the nursery have been there just a little too long. They’ve grown up enough that the pot they’re in is no longer big enough, and no one...