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Melissa Bader is an English teacher who loves to sit outside and read in her hammock while watching her husband do the gardening. Melissa has two children, a boy and girl. She finds time to write while sitting in the rocking chairs while waiting for them to go to sleep. When not blogging about gardening, Melissa is working on a women’s fiction novel.

When You Can’t Grow Fruits and Veggies Yourself

You may be used to enjoying the fruits of your own labor, no pun intended. But when the weather is...well what it is is...

Planning Ahead for Your Spring Garden

Spring Garden
No matter how many times you've done it, and how experienced a gardener you are, it's always cool to watch your spring garden grow...

Get Healthy and Grow Leafy Greens

leafy greens
It’s a new year and many of us have resolved to get healthier. Why not make it last by actually planning your garden around...

Planting Trees In Winter

Planting Trees In Winter
If you're fortunate enough to have an abundance of land, you probably want it to look aesthetically pleasing year round, while flourishing in the...

Stunning Winter Tablescapes You Can DIY

winter tablescapes
If you’re hosting any part of the holidays, be it Christmas Eve dinner or brunch with your closest friends, your guests will feel most...

Tips for Hanging Outdoor Holiday Lights

Outdoor Holiday Lights
Are you the house that people slow down for during the holidays because of your abundant display of lights? Or maybe for you, less...

Do You Want to Build A Snowman?

Build a snowman
There’s nothing worse than a sad, melting, lopsided snowman on the front lawn, despite hours of hard work from you and your kids. All...

How to Protect Plants from Frost

Protect Plants from Frost
Most areas of the country have been bitten by frost by early-mid November. Instead of scurrying out in the dark to protect your plants...

The Best Plants to Grow in October

Plants to Grow in October
When we think of ideal planting times, spring instantly pops to mind first. Although spring is a prime time to plant, fall, specifically October,...