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Julie Archer is a writer who is a graduate of GA Southern University with her bachelor's in Political Science, working towards a masters in Mass Communications. She has four dogs and is a Pilates instructor when she isn't writing. For inquiries:

How Gardening Improves Health

Gardening Improves Health
There’s something about gardening that makes you feel happy, rejuvenated and in control. There’s nothing better than going outside on a hot day and...

How to Grow and Maintain Bamboo

Having bamboo as a part of your garden adds beauty and a bit of exotic flair to your yard space. There are so many...

Fruits You Can Grow in Pots

Fruits Grown in Pots
Growing your own fruits can be extremely rewarding, as well as healthy and organic. However, what happens when you can’t grow plants in the...

Top Gardening Trends for 2015

gardening trends
When it comes to gardening, 2015 is the year of bold colors. The trends for this year will consist of gorgeous, bright hues of...

What’s Up with Air Plants?

Air Plants
There is a new trend sweeping the nation when it comes to planting and gardening. That trend is air plants. Over the past few...

How To Heatproof Your Garden

heatproof your garden
Even though it’s winter, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be preparing and educating yourself on how to take care of your garden this summer...

Vegetables to Plant in January

Vegetables to Plant in January
When you think of the month of January, starting to plant your vegetables is probably not the first thing that comes to your mind....