6 Delicious Things To Do With All That Spinach You Grow

spinach recipe

As a child, spinach did not appeal to me at all. Now that I’m older and wiser, this supper food has become a staple in my daily life. Packed with iron, magnesium, vitamins A, C, and K, not to mention B6 and potassium, this is one vegetable that every aging person needs. It is amazing that there are so many things to make with spinach. From desserts to entrées, the versatility of spinach will make it go down easy. With every bite you can be sure that it is doing your body good. Here are a few spinach recipe ideas.

Have a salad

This is one of the most popular things to do with spinach, but if you are going to eat it raw make sure there are no pesticides. Add in your favorite dressing with a variety of other fresh veggies and enjoy. The combinations are endless.

Drink up!

Smoothies are the way to go! I love them because they are quick, simple and easy to make. I like to juice the spinach too. One of my favorite combinations is spinach, tomato, and cucumber. Create your own tasty recipe.

Sauce it up

If you need a way to get some spinach into your finicky child, add some to spaghetti sauce and they will never notice. You can make your own fresh sauces and add some spinach as that extra nutritious special ingredient. A Vitamix would be a great investment for making smoothies, raw soups, and sauces.

In a sandwich

How about replacing that lettuce with spinach leaves instead? It would make that hamburger or grill cheese even more delectable and healthier. Add a bit of olive oil to absorb more of the nutrients. I prefer a tomato and spinach sandwich with Miracle Whip myself.

Meat Eaters

Try some spinach with that steak or fish. You could even lay your desired meat on a bed of spinach and delight in the comfort of knowing that your dinner is providing your body with added nutrition. If you like making burgers from scratch add some chopped spinach to the ground beef and enjoy it that way. There are a multitude of recipes that will assist you in making your most delicious spinach dishes.


Once again, here is a simple and easy way to consume spinach if you don’t like the taste. Mix it into your homemade soup recipes and no one will be the wiser. Give your soup dishes a boost of high vitality and nutrition with a few cups of chopped spinach.

Photo Credit:  istockphoto.com

What is your favorite spinach recipe?