Going On Vacation? But What About Your Plants?

Plant Care

There will come a time when you just can’t be there for your plants and you must make other arrangements. This is where a trusted neighbor would really come in handy, but if you can’t find one on such short notice, you must have a plan. Personally my plants are like my children so it would give me great pain if I went on vacation and they died while I was away. Here are a few plant care steps tips you should follow before leaving your plants for weeks or putting them in someone else’s care.

Plant sitter

If you happen to have that trusted loyal friend that you can trust to leave your house keys with, by all means ask them to water your plants while you are away. Make sure that you give them specific instructions on how you would want them to do it. Don’t expect them to know how you want your plants treated, because everyone has their own way of doing things. The last time I let my friend water my plants when I was on vacation, he over watered them and the water dripped all over my bookcase ruining some wedding pictures.

Set the mood

Before you leave turn down your thermostat to 60 or 65 degrees. Plants really thrive better if kept in a cool place and then they will use less water to grow. If it is summer, if you can, keep your air conditioning on keeping those babies cool. Moving the plants out of direct sunlight will help them to slow down and use less water as well.

Water and shelter

Give them an extra blast of water thoroughly and allow them to drain. Set all of your plants in a tub and cover them with plastic to create a terrarium effect. They will have the humidity to keep them nice and moist while you are away. You also have the option of covering each individual plant in clear plastic leaving small slits for a greenhouse effect.

Use the latest gadgets

There are many self watering gadgets that you can also invest in. There is the Aqua Globe Plant Watering bulb, Hydrospike Worry-Free Automatic Watering Kit, DriWater Time-Release Water Gel Pac, and the list goes on. Take advantage of these great options to give your plants some added support while you are away.


Years ago, there were these crystals that turned to gel when you watered them and I used them to keep my plants watered as well. Some plants won’t need much water while you are away, depending on how long you will be gone. I would always leave a bowl of water sitting out near my plants before I left.

Photo Credit:  istockphoto.com

Did you find these plant care tips handy?