Keep These Toxic Holiday Plants Far Away From Kids And Pets

The holiday season is great for many reasons. For plant lovers, it’s the only time we can really showcase some of our favorite beauties. But we as we all know, plants like poinsettias can be extremely toxic to kids and pets. However, there is quite a long list of holiday plants that can cause serious damage if ingested. Take a look at this list of toxic holiday plants, and remember, safety should always come first.

Holly and Mistletoe:

toxic holiday plants

According to PetMD, Holly and Mistletoe actually have greater toxicity levels than poinsettias. If ingested by pets, high blood pressure, severe nausea and extreme stomach pain can occur. If your child eats enough berries from these plants, it can be fatal.

Amaryllis and Daffodils:


These plants are seen quite frequently during the holidays. The leaves have an alkaloid poison called lycorine that is toxic to children, pets and even adults.


Jerusalem Cherry:

toxic holiday plants

The berries from this plant are very similar to tomatoes, and little kids might not know the difference. If eaten, they can cause gastric upset and vomiting in humans. However, they can be lethal to dogs, cats and birds.

So, remember this list when you’re planning on gift giving or decorating your house. There are a ton of great ways to add some pretty plants to your home that won’t cause a possible fatality.

Do you know of other toxic holiday plants?


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