3 Tips for a Successful Small Garden

Having a small home or an apartment shouldn’t stop your green thumb. After all, it was meant to thrive! There are some plants that are just as excited to share a small space as you are, and would be perfect for a small garden. So if you really want to have your own garden, why not try these three tips for successful home gardens in small spaces?

small garden ideas

Tip #1: Plan your small garden carefully

First thing to do is plan your garden. If you have a small garden, you have to utilize the space. Plan carefully with your space! Use trellises to encourage vining plants to go up, rather than out, and plant plants that are use to small spaces. Vertical gardens are great in smaller spaces and look amazing. Make sure you know exactly how much plant real estate you have. The difference between 1 square foot and 1.5 square feet can mean the difference of another amazing plant! If you want more space than you’ve got, consider planters that sit on railings. You can also use other types of pots that can be hung into your yard or patio.

Tip#2: Plant useful plants in a small garden

If you’ve a small garden and only got enough space for a couple of plants, then plant something you can use. Love tomatoes? Plant a tomato plant! Focus on planting fruiting plants, since they’ll give you something edible, and avoid planting too many flowers. Flowers are beautiful, but they don’t really give you anything besides something to look at. Planting tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and beans can help supply you with excitable edibles. These types of fruits are also perfect for small spaces, and have species that are specifically grown to fit into small areas. If you have the space, you could even try a dwarf fruit tree that is suited for a container. These types of fruits have been specifically bred to give you a tree that will thrive in a small space and still give you something during the harvesting season.

Tip#3: Prepare your soil

Whether you’re planting seeds or seedlings, you’ll want to check out your soil beforehand. Potted plants and bedded plants alike need plenty of nutrients, especially if you’re packing them into a small garden. Fertilizer doesn’t always do the job, so you’re going to need to check on your soil. You can take samples of it to your local nursery and see if they can check it out for you, to see whether it’s too acidic, too basic, or too sandy.

When you plant your plants, be sure to mix your normal soil with the correct growing medium. These are available at nearly any nursery, right alongside the potting soil. There’s manure, nutrient-packed gardening soil, and other “growing media” that will help your plants get the boost they need. Make sure you have their home ready before planting your new plants, as you’d be setting them up for success or failure. Do your research, and you’ll be the proud owner of an amazing small space garden!