What To Do In Late Season Droughts

Late Season Droughts

You have put hours upon days upon weeks’ worth of hard work and sweat to maintain your beautiful garden. You created ample space and adequate sections perfectly supplying just the right amount of room for your seedlings to sprout, bloom, flourish, mature, and yield fruit. The season has gone perfectly having enjoyed plenty of sunlight and sufficient rainfall. Your mid-summer selections have come and gone making way for the abundant produce that matures at late summer going into fall season. The late summer early fall harvest are overwhelming and is sure to keep you very busy but there is still the full season and late fall harvest to tend to. And know all of a sudden we’ve entered into a dry spell with the weather. Late season droughts are often very frustrating and damaging. It is very hard to watch a year’s worth of hard work teeter on the edge of potential downfall.

What Late Season Droughts Effect The Most

The late season is a critical time for a lot of plants when they are in vital need of continued irrigation. Most effected by an event such as this are your corn and soybean crops. The lack of rainfall forces the crops into a quicker maturity before they are ready to. This has damaging effects to the growth of the fruit or pod of the crop. The seedlings will not mature inside as the outside grows to maturity to protect it from harsher conditions. What ends up being produced is a product that is lighter and poor quality. Small gardeners and larger sized farmers loose an astounding 40% in weight from each bushel. This is particularly true in the soybeans. Where farmers could normally expect a 60-80% yield from a mature acre of land, they may only yield 20%.

Saving Your Garden From Late Season Droughts

The most essential weapon you have against a late season drought claiming your garden is to maintain regular irrigation of your plants. This will keep your plants healthy as well as regulating there maturity rate from happening to quickly resulting a poor yield. You’ve gardened your plot of land this far, don’t let a late season dry spell ruin your harvest.

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