Fall Gardening

Fall Gardening

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Pruning Raspberries for Early Fall

There's a lot more debate to pruning raspberries than is really necessary--especially when we talk about pruning them in the fall. A lot of the confusion is caused by people not know what kind...

September is Lawn Season: Planting Seeds

We're still excited about concentrating on our lawn for September, and we're going to proceed as if we've settled the seeds vs. sodding debate. We're going with lawn seeding. That's still some territory to...

5 Deer Resistant Vines For Fall Planting

We all love to see wildlife and especially deer, but we don't want them in our garden eating our plants. Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station has a list, which is accessible on their...
Plants to Grow in October

The Best Plants to Grow in October

When we think of ideal planting times, spring instantly pops to mind first. Although spring is a prime time to plant, fall, specifically October, offers some distinct benefits for planting flowers and plants. For...