Spring Gardening

Spring Gardening

Sprouting Seeds

10 Best Seed Catalogs to Prepare for Spring

It’s that time again when you need to plan for your gardening season. What will you plant and what quality of seed will you use? Which important tips can make your garden even better...
mugo pine

How to Prune Mugo Pines Correctly

A Mugo pine, or creeping pine, dwarf mountain pine, mountain pine, scrub mountain pine or Swiss mountain pine is an evergreen. The small pine is a species of conifer, native to high elevation habitats from...

Springtime Gardening: This Weekend’s Checklist

We're almost confident that it's not going to snow this weekend! That means we're going to finally be able to drag Mother Nature into Springtime. It’s also time to gather your gardening tools, make...
pruning shear

Spring Pruning! Flowering Trees and Shrubs

When winter begins to turn to spring, and you cannot wait to get into your garden, pruning is a good place to start. Spring pruning keeps plants healthy and gets rid of damaged, diseased...