The Six Best Tools For Weeding

garden tool
Photo Credit: Thinkstock

While we all may hate weeding out our gardens, unfortunately it’s something that we must do. It not only keeps the plants we’re growing healthy, but also encourages new growth ┬áto happen. Thankfully, though, there are a lot of tools out in the market today that were created specifically for this reason. Take a look at some of them below:

1. Long-handled Garden Hoe

If you have a lot of weeding to get done in a short amount of time, the long-handled garden hoe is the tool for you. That’s because it has a sharp edge, so it can cut through dirt easily, which lets you pull out weeds quicker than ever. In particular, this item is a great addition for gardeners with plants spaced far apart from one another, as well as those who have weeds with shallow roots.

2. Oscillating Hoe

With a blade that moves back and forth when pushed through the soil, the oscillating hoe will help you remove weeds in no time. That’s because the blade head is hinged, so it makes it way easier to get through that dreaded loose soil.

3. Fishtail Weeder

The fishtail weeder, which is also commonly referred to as an asparagus knife, is a fantastic item for killing weeds because of its skinny shaft and upside-down V-shaped end. The shaft allows you to dig deep into the soil, while the end lets you pull up the bottom of deep roots with little effort.

4. Cape Cod Weeder

When you need to squeeze into tight spaces throughout your garden, the Cape Cod weeder is your go-to tool. That’s because it has a narrow blade, so you can easily find your way around plants. However, make sure you buy one that is designed specifically for whatever hand you are. This will ensure optimal comfort.

5. Garden cultivator

To loosen up your soil, all while pulling up a handful of weeds, you should buy the garden cultivator. In fact, we especially recommend this three-prong hand tool for the times you need to weed out your garden bed.

6. Paving Weeder

Are you tired of dealing with those annoying weeds that grow between concrete seams and pavers? If so, you should definitely check out the paving weeder. With this item, you’ll reach those hard-to-reach spots with no problem.