What To Look For When Buying Plants

what to look for when buying plants

Plants can make you feel happy when nothing else can. They have the ability to heal, bring people together and feed a nation. The energy from a plant can sooth your soul and rejuvenate the spirit. Having them around in your life on a constant basis is a privilege and a blessing. Certain plants seem to catch your eye and inspire you to take them home, but when considering what to look for when buying plants, a plethora of things come to mind. Best of all, choose the plant that you really love.

Look for issues

What you don’t want is a wilting plant that is already half dead. Look at the leaves and see if they have brown flaky edges, or the entire leaf is brown. This plant may have been under watered and under stress. It may even have a fungal disease. Make sure that they have good strong stems. Check for holes in the leaves, papery leaves or tiny scars. These are signs of insect infestation or bug damage. Check under the leaves as well for insects. One of the biggest problems is insects, and bringing a plant home that has bugs will infect the rest of your plants. Smell the plant and the soil and if something smells sour or stinky, the plant may have been over watered and there may even be root damage. Unless you have a green thumb and enjoy nursing plants back to health, these plants would not be a good choice for you. Although, nursing this plant back to good health would be great for the plant and gratifying to you too.

Look for strength

Plants that sparkle with strength and good health will give you time to replant it and continue to thrive. Look for plants that have large amounts of soil in the pots. This could indicate that the plants have a lot of roots and will have a better chance at surviving when you take them home to replant them. If you are looking for plants that bloom, buy them when they have not yet bloomed. If they already have a bud that is ok, just replant them as soon as you get home so they will not be under stress. Picking flowering plants can be a challenge when there is no bloom and just a picture on them, because the picture could be the wrong one for that plant. Check if you can see the color of the buds on the plant if the color is important to you.

There are usually labels on new plants that will give you instructions on how much light it needs and its care. Take note of those instructions and choose the plant that you are able to care for. If you can never remember to water the plant buy a cactus or something that can last a long time without water. Don’t put pressure on yourself by getting a plant that does not fit your personality.

Photo Credit:  istockphoto.com

What do you look for when buying plants?