Water Your Tomatoes The Right Way

Growing tomatoes? Congratulations! Tomatoes are great plants for beginners and experts alike, and they don’t need a lot of space to give you plenty of tomatoes year after year. However, they can become a little picky with their water and nutrients, and if you don’t water them right, your tomatoes will become small and deformed. Learn how to water your tomatoes the right way, and get large and healthy tomatoes all season long!

Water in the Right Spot:

Some people put a soaker spray on their hose, and just hose down their plants every day. However, tomatoes don’t need water on their leaves, that doesn’t help much. Wet leaves can be a problem, since the sun can heat up the water as it evaporates and end up burning the leaves. Burned leaves won’t gather sunlight as well, and your plant will suffer. Also, just putting water near the plant or in the pot doesn’t guarantee good watering. The plant must be watered at the roots, where it has a chance to really soak up the liquid. When you’re watering, aim the flow of your water around the stem of the tomato, to avoid too much water wastage.

watering tomatoes

Water at the Right Time:

Another huge mistake that is usually made is watering during the wrong time of the day. The best times of the day to water is in the early morning, or the evening. At this time, the worst of the heat and sun is over, and there’s less of a chance for the plant to get burned. As well, it has more time to soak up the water you’re giving it before the sun heats up the soil and causes water evaporation. Water when it’s cool and shady out, to allow your tomato to get the most water and help. If you’re noticing that your tomato is still struggling to get through the day without wilting or having really dry dirt on top, then consider deeper watering, so that there’s more water available for the tomato. Also start using mulch in your garden. Mulch is really inexpensive, and if you cover the ground with it, it helps keep the moisture trapped. It provides a great barrier between the wet ground and the sun, keeping your tomato’s soil damp for longer periods of time.

Water at the Right Frequency:

It can’t be promised that every tomato should be watered once a day. There’s all sorts of variables, including whether they’re in a pot or the ground, and where you live. Warmer areas will most likely need more water more often, but if you’re somewhere like Seattle, you’re probably getting enough rain and moisture that you just have to supplement your tomato with weekly waterings. When you first get your tomato, keep an eye on it and check on it every day. If it appears dry, stick your finger in to see how deep the dryness is. You don’t want to overwater your plant, as it can cause root rot, but you don’t want to wait until it’s the Sahara near your tomato. Once you figure out approximately how often you need to water, stick to the schedule as much as you can, and your tomato will thank you.

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