How to Properly Take Care of Your Garden Tools

How to properly take care of your garden tools in the winter

Storing Your Gardening Tools

In order to have a healthy garden for many seasons to come, it’s important to keep your garden tools in top shape. After all, tools are vital to any thriving landscape. Unfortunately, when the cold weather rolls around, this often leaves them destroyed. With our steps in mind though, you’ll be able to properly care for your garden tools through the harsh winter.

Cleaning Your Gardening Tools

To begin, fill an old pot or bucket with dry sand. Make sure that it is large enough to hold all of your garden tools. Then, mix lubricating oil, like WD-40 or vegetable oil, with the sand until it is moist throughout. Once that’s done, grab your tools and use a putty knife or steel-wool scrubbing pad to remove any big clumps of caked mud found on the blades. You want to make sure that you’re leaving your tools in its best condition for the winter months. This will not only help preserve your shovels, forks, and hoes, but also start you out fresh for the spring.

When you are done cleaning and preparing your tools, drop them into the sandy mix. Then, rub the wooden tool handles with linseed oil. This will help keep the handles from splitting and drying out during the cold weather. Next, put the pot or bucket that the mix is in, in a cool, dry place for winter storage. Your work is done for now, as it is time or the mix to do its work.

Start Using Your Gardening Tools Again

As soon as spring comes around, remove the tools from the mixture. Using a piece of burlap or coarse cloth, wipe down the blades. For those who don’t want to overwinter their tools, they can just place them into the mixture numerous times throughout the fall, whenever they want to get rid of any debris. Then when the winter months appear, they can polish the tools with a coarse cloth and hang for storage. This is a personal choice and really depends on what the gardener prefers. We suggest that you keep the sandy mixture all year round, for use anytime you want to tidy up your tools.

How else would you care for your garden tools?