Must-Have Gardening Tools

garden tools

Gardening is a terrific hobby, as it not only brings the enjoyment and satisfaction of experiencing the growth of the flowers and vegetables you planted and tended, but is a wonderful way to get moderate exercise, and plenty of fresh air and sunshine. But gardening can also cause strained back muscles, carpel tunnel syndrome, scratches and other aches and pains, so to protect yourself as you enjoy your time in the garden.

Essential must-have gardening tools


You should always garden with some kind of glove on, but you can truly protect your hands by wearing a good pair of compression gloves. Bionic ReliefGrip gardening gloves are only $35 from, and feature silicone finger pads that assist your grip, and fit snug with mild compression to help reduce any pain in your hands.


Featuring a long handle, this weeder takes the stress of your back when weeding. You just stand on the pedal, pull back, and four serrated claws will grab unwanted weeds and yank them right out. No more bending over to do this dreaded task! Fiskars Uproot weed and root remover is nicely priced at $38, and well worth it, as you will spend that much and more in pain relievers if you don’t!


This shovel, offered by for just $45, is designed for easier digging, with a circular rubber handle that gives the user better leverage, easing the strain on shoulders and backs.


To help keep your wrist in a neutral, consistent position when working, Fist Grip Tools makes a cultivator, a fork and a trowel that have an on-top-of-the-handle grip, and each tool is priced at an affordable $16 each.


Save yourself from achy, stiff knees by investing in a knee saver. Gardener’s Supply offers a nice one for just $35, that lets you kneel on the comfortable pad when working low to the ground, and allows you to flip the frame and sit on the seat when you need to be higher up for tasks like pruning. And the side handles assist you to a standing position when finished.


These aren’t just any pruners. These are special because they are designed to ease the stress on aching hands. offers the Ratchet Anvil pruner for $12, and the Powergear Bypass pruner for $30, and both require much less effort than standard pruners to cut dead or live branches.

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