Facts About Plant Fertilizer And Nutrients For Your Garden

plant fertilizer

It takes a lot of effort to cultivate a healthy garden, and understanding the intricate ways of using key ingredients will make this task seem a lot less difficult.  Plant fertilizer is one of the main ingredients that you need to educate yourself about, because this alone can make or break your garden. Knowing which one to choose and how much to use can either create a beautiful luscious garden or kill everything in sight. This is why you must learn the facts about plant fertilizer and nutrients for your garden.

*Read the labels*

There are three main nutrients that every garden needs, and they are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which are considered the macronutrients. When you go to the store to buy a bag of fertilizer there will be numbers on the bag such as 5-10-5. These numbers represent the percentage of those three main nutrients in that bag. Check the label to see what the other 80% contain. The other nutrients that plants need are calcium, sulfur, and magnesium which are the secondary nutrients. The micronutrients that are used in very small quantities are boron, iron, manganese, zinc, copper, molybdenum, and chlorine.


There are several types of fertilizers such as synthetic fertilizers, organic fertilizers, and natural fertilizers. Many people get confused and think that organic fertilizers mean the same as organic food labels, but it is not the same. It means that it contains carbon atoms, and the labels must specify what elements of it are organic. You also must use larger amounts of organic fertilizer because it has lower concentrations of the three main nutrients. Synthetic fertilizer will give you quick results but it has very few secondary nutrients and micronutrients. In order to make sure that your garden is covered in every aspect of the nutrients you want to provide, going the natural way may be your solution. It may be a bit more time consuming, but you will save money and get the healthy garden you want.

*Natural ideas*

Here are a few natural forms of fertilizer that will be great for your garden. Manure has been known to do wonders for a garden. It is loaded with nitrogen, but make sure that you compost it before using it on your plants, because fresh manure can burn them. The best manure to use comes from chickens, so keep some chickens around and they can serve you breakfast and dinner, so to speak.

Fish emulsion is a good source of nitrogen, which is derived from liquefied waste from the fish industry. You can buy this in stores, but you can also just add the actual fish in the ground, according to Native Americans. They are the masters of growing food from the ground.

Compost tea is a great liquid fertilizer that can be made by steeping finished compost in water for a few days. Keep your own compost available and you can create your own forms of healthy fertilizers the natural way.

Photo Credit:  istockphoto.com

What kind of plant fertilizer do you use?