Get The Most Bang For Your Buck With These 5 Plants

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Get The Most Bang For Your Buck Plants

Having a showy, lavish garden can be quite an expensive undertaking. The good news is, there are a number of plants you can buy without emptying your wallet of every last cent. Several of the plants we are about to show you provide a touch to your garden that isn’t typical in your average garden. Create a stunning display on a budget with plants that give you the most for your money.

These Showy Plants Cost Less than you Think


Growing this plant from seed (which costs mere pennies) allows you the freedom to experiment with its many varieties. Each variety of this plant is so unique, they might appear from outer space. Look for the “crested” variety that has a brainy-look to it, as well as the one with fluffy arrow-like plumes. You won’t be disappointed.

Castor Bean

Before we get into the beauty that is this plant, we have to warn you first that it is highly toxic to people and animals. While its exotic nature makes it a great border plant, the seed pods and seeds are deadly poisonous if eaten.

The Castor Bean plant has deep purple-green leaves and striking tiny fuzzy pink flowers that turn to seed pods. These seed pods look great in arrangements but should be handled with caution as the seeds inside contain the poison ricin.


This is one plant that gives so much more than it takes. For the small investment you make in the beginning, this plant returns ten-fold in extreme beauty. Standing tall with green foliage, the “flowers” hang down in streams of deep red. Because of this, you might also find this plant under the name “Love Lies Bleeding.”

On a side note, this plant is perfectly suited as a dramatic filler in flower arrangements.

Hyacinth Bean

Make an investment in this plant and expect a big return on your investment. This stunning purple plant is not only beautiful, it is an edible flower too. It’s purple-tinted leaves create quite a show as it climbs a fence or trellis. Its light purple flowers stay fresh-looking for long after they’re cut, and the beautiful purple seed pods are lovely in flower arrangements.

The edible parts of this plant include the blooms and the beans but boil the beans twice first. They contain toxins that break down during the boiling process.


Also known as bee balm, this minty-scented plant grows quickly to cover large areas in your garden. If you want to attract butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds, this is the plant you want. It’s cheap, creates quite the show by itself, but we’re pretty sure it’s the wildlife it attracts that makes this plant well worth the money.

Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t have the lavish garden you dream of. Be sure to include the flowers we’ve mentioned above, and take your time researching and exploring other varieties of plants to create a magical garden you can’t wait to spend time in.