What To Look For When Buying Gardening Gloves


What’s a gardener without their gloves? This clothing accessory is designed to protect your hands from cuts, scrapes, blisters and other types of injuries that occur while out in the yard. Of course, you want your handwear to be durable, comfortable and thick enough to deal with plants, roots and other¬†garden materials. Learn exactly what qualities to look for when buying gardening gloves here.

1. Waterproof

Personally, we believe it’s crucial to find a pair of gardening gloves that are waterproof. You’ll be dealing with water and moist soil all the time, so you want gloves that can not only withstand this, but will also keep your hands dry and comfortable. Plus, waterproof gloves will prevent your hands from blistering. We recommend choosing waterproof leather gloves that are lightweight, since those allow your hands to breathe through the material.

2. Long

You don’t want dirt and other materials getting into your gloves, so buy ones that reach past your wrist. There are certain varieties sold in stores that have elastic around the wrist section to prevent this from happening. If you want that extra protection, though, we suggest picking up gardening gloves that cover the entire arms, especially if you are working with thorny plants.

3. Grips

If you’re going to be handling shovels and other gardening tools regularly, look for gloves with grips on the fingers and palms. This will give you that much needed friction, so that you can get a first grasp on items.

4. Fit

This sounds like a no brainer, but you’d be surprised by how many people are wearing gloves that don’t fit correctly. You want ones that are your right size so that you stay comfortable while out in the garden. To figure out what size you are, place the gloves on your hands and make a fist. Then, flex your hands. This will give you a good idea if the ones you’re planning on buying are too tight or loose. Fitted gloves will also prevent your hands from getting blisters.

Photo credit: Thinkstock