Indoor Gardening: Squash! [One in a Series]

Indoor Gardening Tips Guide Squash

Bad weather? No backyard? Don’t let these reasons prevent you from gardening.  If the conditions are right, you can grow vegetables inside your house. One vegetable in particular that flourishes indoors is squash.

To begin, gather up four or five gallon plant containers. At the bottom of those containers, place a cut up piece of fiberglass screen. The fiberglass screen needs to be large enough to cover any drainage holes on the bottom, so that the soil stays in and insects stay out. Fill the container with potting soil, until one inch from the top.

Dig a hole in the middle of the container and place five to six squash seeds in there. With a ½ inch of potting soil, firmly cover up the hole. Water the soil until you see water running out of the pot’s drainage holes. Next comes one of the most important steps to gardening squash plants. Find a place in your home where the plant will receive at least six to eight hours of sunlight a day.

Five to 10 days after planting the seeds grab a pair of scissors and cut off–at soil level–all but the two largest squash seedlings. Squash plants will eventually reach 8 to 10 inches tall, so – once that height — cut off at soil line the smaller of the two remaining plants.

When the plant is roughly two weeks old, begin fertilizing. Continue this once a week until it’s time to harvest. If you’re trying to figure out how much fertilizer to add to the squash, check out the label of the fertilizer you are using for directions. As far as watering goes, there are no exact instructions to follow. Touch the top inch of soil and if it feels dry, add water. Don’t forget to check the plants often for any signs of disease or insects. Those will destroy the squash you worked so hard growing.

There’s something very special about fruit and vegetables that we grow ourselves. Gardening allows us to see the product that we spent all our time and energy nurturing. Consider these seeds your baby. Thanks to these indoor gardening tips, there’s no room for any excuses or can’t do attitudes. Of course there’s also the added bonus of knowing what we’re eating is fresh. Talk about a win/win situation.