How Snow is Good For Your Garden

snow garden

Winter seems to be something that is scary for some gardeners. Although the snow can cause havoc on some plants, it could be a saving grace for others. In the south, winters were a time to cover flowers and bring in the potted plants for cover. The frozen rain and ice would impact the pine trees so badly until the limbs would break. There was always a big tree limb across the road blocking traffic and causing delays. Overall, not one garden plant was ever lost or damaged enough that it was a total loss. The green thumbs in my family would never let that happen. Here are a few tips that will show how snow is good for your garden.

As protection

This is a dormant plant’s dream come true when a blanket of white is shielding them from the chilling wind. Snow will keep your soil as well as roots in the soil insulated from the harsh cold. It may seem strange that something so cold could serve as protection, but it works. Mulching with snow will be very beneficial to your perennials.

As a décor pick-me-up

Ornamental grasses and trees seem to look more dramatic and dynamic with a coat of snow on them. Colors will pop and stand out more with evergreens and plants like holly with the red berries. It all makes the yard look so festive and inviting which seems to make people feel good. Plant some winter flowers that bloom during the winter such as hellebores and you will have a burst of color along with the white blanket of snow. You can have your very own winter wonderland in your own front yard or back.

As moisture

White fluff is very good for watering houseplants as well as landscape plants. Although it is advised to be careful of the snow you use to water your plants, because of the salt and chemicals that may be mixed in from the sidewalk and roads. If you are clever, you will have ways of picking clean snow. One way is to shovel it from an area that is away from the roads and sidewalk and filter out the debris after it melts. Another way is to leave some buckets outside while it is snowing to catch the falling snow organically.

Even though snow can be challenging, it does offer some positive benefits to gardeners. If you know how to keep your plants protected through the winter, you will not be disappointed when a snowstorm hits because your garden will be ready. Use the winter cover in your favor and it will only make your garden better. Get out there and enjoy the snow with the rest of the plants and animals.

The following video provides even more ideas for protecting plants from frost and cold weather.