Homemade Plant Fertilizer in Four Steps

homemade plant fertilizer

Applying fertilizer to your garden is a very important process because it has the power to make your plants grow to be stronger, healthier and bigger than they would otherwise. While you could go out to your local nursery and pick up fertilizer, why not make your own? It’s super simple to create your own fertilizer and you can even make it out of ingredients found right in your home. This fertilizer will ultimately restore both the nutrients and vitamins to your soil.

Homemade Plant Fertilizer in Four Steps:

Step One: Pick up a large container to hold the fertilizer you’re about to make. Of course the container you choose should be big enough to store all the fertilizer you want to make. This container can be anything from a large bucket to a garbage can. Whatever suits your needs is perfectly fine here, although you may want to opt for a container that comes with a lid as that will help with mixing and keeping the fertilizer from being exposed to the air.

Step Two: Seed meal is a crucial part when putting together your mixture. You can often find this ingredient at a farm supply store or any feed and grain dealers. Unlike other ingredients, this one is an agricultural product. That means chances are it can’t be found at your local nursery. If for whatever reason you can’t find the seed meal, you can always use grass clippings instead.

Step Three: Next, add 1/4 part ground agricultural lime to your fertilizer mixture. This ingredient will help you plants grow up strong as it contains calcium carbonate. Once again, agricultural lime can be found at either a farm supply store or agricultural seed or grain dealership. From there, add in 1/4 part gypsum. Within gypsym, there is sulfur so your plants will now get the nutrients they may be lacking. Then, include 1/2 part dolomitic lime into your fertilizer mixture. This ingredient has calcium and magnesium carbonates in it so dolomitic has what it takes to leave your soil healthy. Lastly, stir in 1 part bone meal into your fertilizer. The bone meal is what your fertilizer needs to help plants grow as this ingredient increases the phosphorous levels of your soil.

Step Four: Combine all the ingredients together with either a shovel or large spade. Then, put the lid back on the container. You can even turn the container over a bunch of times to fully blend the ingredients. Remember, in order for the mixture to really enhance your soil, the mixture has to be properly combined.

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