Tips for a Healthy Vegetable Garden

vegetable garden soil

We all know that there are a great number of benefits to having a garden and growing your own vegetables. This gives you:

  • More healthy and fresh food
  • Control over whether or not chemicals are used to control weeds or pests
  • More time outdoors when you are taking care of your garden
  • More eco-friendly since there will be less of a need to get food to you from the local markets or distant farms
  • Lower grocery bills

When you are getting ready to start your vegetable garden, there are many factors that need to be considered. First, you will need to find a spot that gets a lot of sun and has good drainage. Areas that already have plenty of grass or weeds are good for this.

Healthy vegetable garden tips

While vegetables can’t help but be healthy for us, there are things that gardeners can do during the growing season that can actually make them less healthy. Chemicals are a good example of this. A healthy, clean garden using only methods for growing that are natural is the absolute best way to grow chemical free and healthy food.

  • Create an environment for your seedlings and seeds that is welcoming. Make a raised bed so that your plants will have loose soil to grow in and so that nobody will accidentally walk all over your fledgling garden.
  • Make your own healthy fertilizer by composting all of the garden waste. Layer kitchen and garden waste with soil in a bin until that bin is around half full. Turn the compost pile or bin on a weekly basis. This will make healthy compost in around 6 weeks. Take this healthy compost and dig it into the soil in order to feed the vegetable plants.
  • Weed your garden on a regular basis. Although raised beds will not get too many weeds, they will still get some. Put the weeds in the compost bin.
  • Get rid of pests with insecticidal soap. Mix 2 tbsp. of this liquid type of soap with a quart of clean water and then spray the mixture on the plants as well as the pests. This allows you to take care of the pests while not getting chemicals on the vegetables.

As always, make sure that your vegetables get plenty of water but be sure not to over water them. By following these simple tips, your vegetable garden will remain healthy throughout the growing season.