What You REALLY Should Be Wearing In The Garden

Garden clothes

We all have our favorite outfits for when we are going to a special occasion, but have you ever considered what to wear when you garden? Some people may have never given this a second thought, but there really are special little garments that gardeners like to wear only for their garden activities. My grandmother only wore dresses out in public, but she wore pants and an oversized man’s shirt with a straw hat in the garden. We always knew what time it was when she stepped out in this getup. So, what type of garden clothes should you have?


Everyone should have a good hat when working out in the hot sun. The hat of choice would be a wide brim hat that will provide you with sun protection all the way around. It should be able to let in some cool air. A big straw hat is usually the first choice. A canvas hat that has little vents will also work well.


Garden gloves can be pretty stylish these days. A good pair will save your hands from the harsh elements and thorns. A great pair can be found at Womanswork. Also, here’s our guide on what to look for when buying gardening gloves.


A good cotton shirt will be the best. In the south, we never worked in the garden or cut grass without a long sleeve cotton shirt. Because of the mosquitoes and flying debris it was very necessary.


Jeans or a good pair of cargo pants will do the trick. If you are one for nostalgia then you will be happy in overalls. You must own at least one pair if you are a real down home farmer!


This has a lot to do with your preference or the conditions you will be working in. For muddy and slushy conditions, a pair of rubber boots or work boots will do. Under normal conditions you could wear Muck garden shoes or Sloggers.

These are only a few options that you can use for your garden wardrobe. Most of us are good with a pair of jeans and some old sneakers. I am still rocking my granddaddy’s old plaid shirt because of the comfort and familiarity. The old shoes that I have had for years that have been broken in, but not suitable for public viewing, is my ideal garden shoe. Just do what you feel comfortable with. There is no need to spend extra money on items that you don’t really need. You can always check your local Goodwill for some clothes to wear in your garden as well.

Photo Credit:  istockphoto.com

What do your garden clothes look like?