Unique Accessories To Jazz Up Any Garden


garden accessories

Are you interested in setting your garden apart? If so, there are many ways you can personalize your garden simply by using some unique accents and accessories that will jazz up any garden. Many garden accessories and ornaments are inexpensive and can be found at any home or craft store. With some creativity and bright and vivid color and design, any ordinary garden can transform into a dramatic, whimsical space that will produce smiles every time you look at it.

* Birdbaths — a wonderful way to encourage our feathered friends to naturally adorn your garden. Birdbaths come in all sizes, and always look lovely surrounded by bursts of color from a variety of flowers.

* Statues — concrete statues make a statement. Whether you want angels, cherubs, fairies or frogs, there is a garden statue for every interest.

* Galvanized buckets — if you have a tree in the middle of your garden space, hanging galvanized buckets in vivid colors on different levels of branches, and filling them with colorful, draping blooms, will be sure to evoke many “Wows.”

* Metal Accessories — these come in any design you can think of — from birds, such as peacocks and flamingos, to cute bugs like ladybugs and crickets, sun faces and stars, and even cartoon children, are a fun way to liven up any garden space.

* Wind spinners — set on metal or plastic stakes, and available in a wide variety of designs, these fun accessories twirl and spin whenever the wind blows, creating charming movement in the middle of any garden.

* Lanterns — enjoy your garden space at night with outdoor lanterns in varying shapes and sizes placed around your plants and flowers, some on stands and some on the ground, giving your space dimension and illumination.

* Fountains — this may be a bit more expensive than most other garden accents, but well worth it. Water fountains provide not only visual delight, but auditory as well. What is more relaxing than hearing the gentle ripple of flowing water from an open window in your home, or better yet, in a comfy lounge chair right next to your gorgeous garden?

* The Garden Gnome — need I say more?

The ideas for livening up your garden are endless. Just browse your favorite garden, craft or home goods store and be inspired. just be sure not to go overboard — one or two unique accessories are best. Too many and your space may look more like a yard sale than a garden. Have fun, but be tasteful, and your garden will reward you with joy.


Photo Credit:  Thinkstock