3 Citrus Fruit Peel uses in the Garden

Citrus peel uses
Photo by Jonathan-Pielmayer

Whenever we eat citrus fruits, we are so accustomed to just throwing out the peels afterwards. However, did you know that instead of tossing them you can actually use them to produce wonderful results in your garden? Whether it’s oranges or lemons, there are numerous citrus peel uses that can help your soil and crops in ways you never thought possible. Learn more below.

1. Compost Your Citrus Peels

Citrus peels are a great addition to any garden because of the properties they bring when mixed with your compost pile. All you have to do is take your peels and chop them up a bit. This will ultimately help them decompose a little faster than they would if the peels were still whole. Remember, here, it doesn’t matter what kind of peels you use. Grapefruits, limes, kiwis, it is entirely up to you. Then when you are done cutting up the peels, throw them into your soil. This will leave your compost pile smelling clean and fresh, which is exactly what you need because as you know, soil can develop an odor over time. There have been some reports that the orange oil that oozes out of the peel over time has an anti-bacterial property that slows down decomposition, although that has never been proven.

2. Keep Animals Out with Citrus Peels

Sure, we all love animals, but who really wants them to get into their garden? Thankfully, the peels of citrus fruits have the power to keep cats from digging into your harvests, as well as using your garden as a little box. To achieve this effect,  all you have to do is take the peel and scatter it around your garden. The smell of the citrus fruits will be enough to make cats want to stay far away from your garden. Besides this, though, you can also rub the peels over the leaves of your plants every month.  It will bring about the same effect.

3. Avoid Bugs While Out in Your Yard

Of course, any gardener can tell you that while you’re out in your yard, you’ll, unfortunately, have to deal with countless insects. Yes, you can swat them away, but there’s a better solution to this. Take a peel, preferably one from an orange, and rub it over any exposed skin and this will ward them away. Then, keep repeating this step whenever the insects start creeping up on you again.