12 ways to recycle your Christmas Tree After Christmas

christmas tree

You took the time to pick out the perfect tree for you and your family to enjoy over the holiday season, so why would you drag it to the curb to be discarded like trash after all the festivities? It has served you well for Christmas, so it is only fair to give it a special purpose after Christmas is done. I know that it can be difficult to recycling your Christmas tree after Christmas is over, but it can be done. I have compiled a list of 12 ways to recycle Christmas Trees that might spark your interest.

1. Mulch

If you or one of your neighbors own a mulcher, the wood can be ground down into mulch for your plants and trees outside.

2. Sachet

Pine Needle SachetThe sweet smell of the tree can continue to keep your house smelling great, so make sachets out of the needles and place them around the house, in your closets, and into your drawers. They’re also nice little presents.

3. Kindling

Chop the wood into smaller pieces and use it to start a fire in your fireplace.

Recycle your Christmas tree4. Plant it

Christmas tree recycling after Christmas could also consist of trying to plant it in your yard to add to your décor outside and enjoy it for years to come. That’s only an option if you bought a live tree with roots.

5. Bottle Tree

Try cutting the branches down about a foot or more from the trunk and stick wine bottles or other colorful unusual bottles on it. It will begin to look like a sculpture in your yard after a while.

6. Coat Rack

If you like working with wood, you could create a very beautiful coat rack. Cut the branches off all around the bottom to more than midway of the tree, leaving some in various places at the top. You design it how you like it. Strip the bark off the tree and you will have a beautiful color to enjoy as well.

7. Trellis

This would be great for your vine plants to climb on. Cut down the branches and leave enough so that the vines will have someplace to climb. Do your magic and design it in your own style.

8. Fish Habitat

If you have a lake or know someone who does, you could submerge it into the lake and the fish will make it into their home or hiding place.

9. Fire Wood

Cut the tree up and leave it to dry out for a long while before using it for firewood. If you don’t have a fireplace, you can sell the firewood to people who do.

10. Winter barriers

Use the branches to cover your perennials and other plants that need protection from the cold and wind.

11. Compost pile

The branches could be used as a base for your new compost pile.

fir wood coaster12. Coasters, tags, and stuff

You can cut the trunk and make small round discs that could serve as coasters for your cups, tags for your garden, or use them in other unique ways that you can think of. The sky is the limit.