Springtime Gardening: The Basics


A few of us are still looking out the window and seeing a big pile of the white stuff, but trust us, it is going to melt and Springtime will be here before you know it! It’s really, really, seriously time to start thinking about getting your yard and garden ready for spring. And we know that we’re all such gardening friends that we’re happy to get outside, even if it’s just for doing some gardening and yard clean up.

Getting started

Once the snow is gone, here are a few tips to get you started. First, walk through your yard and pick up sticks and other debris or garbage that might have been a result of a snowstorm. If you have a pet and did not clean up their feces during winter, then get the pooper-scooper out and get to work. If you had any other damage during winter make sure to get it all cleaned up. You might need to get the rake out again if you have leaves left from fall. Make sure you find out the proper way to dispose of your tree branches, leaves, and other debris for your area.

After the yard has been tidied up, check the deck, porch, patio furniture, and any other garden displays or fountains.  If you have a pressure washer then your job will be done in no time. For the others using the hand, a towel, and a hose, it might take a little longer but at least when you have it completed you can sit on your patio furniture.


Spring is the best time to prune your trees, bushes, and shrubs. Before you prune, make sure you know the actual correct way to prune that tree, bush, or shrub.  There are also a few plants that are better off pruned in fall. You can probably prune the majority of your plants in spring.

Now that you have done a lot of the cleaning portion, it’s time to get dirty. You’re going into your garden and start pulling weeds and preparing the beds. Getting in your garden and pulling weeds in spring will help lessen the weeds during summer months.


If you use any pesticides or fungicides, please make sure you read the labels. I recommend an organic brand that will kill the weeds and unwanted pests. Natural treatments will keep the helpful things needed to keep your garden lively and well.

After your garden is weeded and sprayed, next is to make a game plan on what you are going to plant. Many fruits and vegetables vary in how they are grown. Some need sun, some need shade. Some fruit and veggies grow better when placed by another certain fruit or vegetable. Make sure you take time and figure out the best way to set up your garden plot.