Do You Want to Build A Snowman?

Build a snowman

There’s nothing worse than a sad, melting, lopsided snowman on the front lawn, despite hours of hard work from you and your kids. All outdoor decorations, including your prized snowman, should keep up appearances. In anticipation of a strong winter, here are a few tips to ensure a happy snowman!

How to Build a Snowman?

Step 1: Know what kind of snow you’re working with.

The giant, flaky snowflakes look pretty, but don’t make good snowmen. The snow should have moisture which makes it good for packing. Snow that falls just above or just below freezing usually produces the best packing snow. Test your snow by lobbing (or pitching) a few good snowballs.

Step 2: Start by making a snowball.

Keep packing until the giant snowball is too big to fit in your hands. When it is, place it on the ground and begin rolling. Be aware that you should roll into the vicinity that you want to build your snowman, as it will likely be too big and heavy to move.

Step 3: Repeat step 2, two more times.

Your “belly” and “head” should be proportionately smaller. If you’re going for an “Olaf” look, your head can be more oval shaped, though this is harder to achieve. In that case, you should go bigger and trim the sides to thin out the ball shape. This may require some craftsmanship.

Step 4: Place your middle section atop the bottom.

Use a shovel, or your muscles, to place your middle section atop the bottom. Then, place the head onto the middle section. Pack extra snow between the sections for staying power.

Step 5: Bring your snowman to life!

This is the fun part! Add sticks for arms and possibly hair if he (or she) is not wearing a hat. Have your kids raid the house for silly items to dress up the snowman. Use a princess crown or a tutu, or dad’s flannel shirt. Get creative or buy a snowman kit, like this one for a more traditional look.

Step 6: Take lots of pictures!

Of course, you need to take lots of pictures and show off your amazing snowman creation!

Build a Snow man