Basics Of Starting An Apartment Vegetable Garden

indoor garden
Photo by Scott Webb

Do you live in an apartment and wish to grow a vegetable garden? Do not be put off just because you do not have enough space for a garden or money to set up one. As a matter of fact, you don’t need chunks of land or even invest a fortune to grow vegetables. You can do it right from your own apartment. Here are basics of starting an apartment vegetable garden to help you out.


Take about 10 soda bottle planters and fill them with lettuce, oregano, mint, and more, and then use handrails to hang them on.

Patio or balcony

You can also turn your patio or balcony into a beautiful garden and still maintain its appealing look. What you need to do is get containers out there and line them up nicely, leaving a walkway in the middle. Do this on both sides to make it more symmetrical.


There are very many vertical garden planters on the market today. The beauty of it is that most can be hung on walls, where you can plant vegetables or herbs. However, check with your landlord first to check if he/she is comfortable with it.

Windowsill boxes

Windowsill boxes are perfect when it comes to growing shallow-rooted vegetables and herbs. Just like the vertical planters, they need to be secured. You can use whatever structure you have in your apartment. Fill them with soil and plant your vegetables, ensuring they are close to an open place.

Front or backyard

Perhaps all you have in your apartment is a front and a small backyard. You do not have to have a fireplace or enough room to hang containers; you can use those small places to create your garden. If your landlord isn’t comfortable with using the walls, ask them if you can transform the backyard into a small garden.

Along the building sides

Think of it: Many buildings have a lot of space along the sides laying there and not being used. You can make a small garden right there and enjoy fresh vegetables and herbs this season. It is worth inquiring from your landlord if you can place containers and start a garden.