All About Heirloom Seeds

heirloom tomatoes
Photo by Dane Deaner

Have you ever tasted something that was so sweet and fresh that you wanted to keep it forever? That is what an heirloom seed is. A fruit or vegetable seed that has been nurtured and cared for from generation to generation. It has never been chemically altered in any way. These seeds are considered valuable because some have been kept around for over 300 years. It could be because of their taste, size, and production. Whatever the case may be, families have placed their value in seeds that are dearest to their hearts. These seeds will produce some of the finest produce you have ever had. Learn all about heirloom seeds and why they are considered valuable in today’s world.

What are we eating?

Do you have any idea where the food is coming from that you have been eating? The only way to know for sure is to grow and harvest the fruits and vegetables yourself. Fruits, as well as vegetables today, have been so altered that we have no idea where the seeds came from, and some don’t even have seeds. There is cross-pollination or hybrids that have been mixed with other plants to produce a completely different plant to their desired specifications. All of the poking and experimentation will produce something that is highly unnatural for consummation. Yet, we gravitate to them such as seedless this and out-of-season that.

What is so great about heirloom seeds?

If you can imagine, years ago your ancestors would have eaten the produce from the very same seed as you are right now. The same wholesomeness of the foods that they ate has been saved just for you and your offspring. This is what heirloom seeds can bring to the table. In many cases, heirloom seeds have been subject to open pollination by insects, birds, and the wind. It is all natural all the time in every way. Some plants can even pollinate themselves without the help of mother nature.

Who cares?

There are companies and nonprofit organizations that have made it their business to keep heirloom seeds alive and well. The Seed Savers Exchange is one of the many organizations that has made it their business to save heirloom seeds and make the community aware of their value. At you can learn all about heirloom seeds and purchase some for yourself. Best of all they will explain to you how to care for your seeds, store and save them for the next generation to enjoy. There is so much to learn about heirloom seeds and it is definitely worth the time and effort. Check out their blogs to get first-hand information on how to gather your seeds, seed maturity, and more helpful information.

In the video below more information about heirloom seeds.