What’s Up with Air Plants?

Air Plants

There is a new trend sweeping the nation when it comes to planting and gardening. That trend is air plants. Over the past few years, we’ve seen a trend in home decor: hanging plants and beautiful terrariums. It’s become a bit of a stylistic mark to have your home filled with foliage hanging from the ceiling, but there’s a bit more to it than style! Air plants are the specific name of the group of plants that have become so popular for indoor use. This is because these types of plants do not need soil to thrive! They subsist on air and their roots alone. How cool is that?

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Maintenance and care for air plants

Taking care of your air plants could not be easier. Better homes and gardens states that the key to maintaining an air plant is to allow them access to constant air circulation (hence the name air plants). As for watering, don’t do it. You only need to mist the plants once a day in the summer months, once a week during the winter. Also, don’t mistake air plants for cactuses! Most air plants do not need full sunlight and do better in partial light in a cool place, which is why they are so perfect as indoor plants! If you live in a cold weather area, keep these plants strictly indoors. Does it stay warm all year where you are? You should be fine to keep it outdoors, as long as you are making sure to keep it mostly dry throughout the year.

Using glass globes as your air plants’ home

Glass globes are by far the most popular way to keep air plants indoors. If you are thinking about trying this look, you must make sure that your globe has a large area cut out from it so that the plant can breathe and get proper air circulation. Before placing your plant in it’s globe home, Air Plant City says that you should make sure it is complete dry and mist every 4-5 days (1 spray per globe). If your plant ever starts to lose it’s form or perkiness, remove it from it’s globe and let the roots soak in water for about twenty minutes. This should perk your air plant right back up! Happy air planting!

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