5 Great Ways to Get Your Kids Involved in Gardening

kid garden toolsWho said children can’t enjoy gardening too? There are a lot of ways parents can spice up this mundane activity so that the whole family will be biting at the chance to get their hands dirty. Check out these ideas to get your kids involved below.

1. Make it exciting

First and foremost, parents need to keep gardening fun if they want to maintain their children’s interest. Once kids see how interesting, and even gross, gardening can be, they’ll be begging to lend a hand.

2. Provide your kids with their own kits

From gloves to shovels, there are so many products on the market, where children can have tools made in their size, just for them. They even come in different colors and patterns.

3. Select plants that are easy to grow

Since you’ll be dealing with beginner gardeners, you want to choose varieties that are simple to grow. We recommend picking plants that produce vegetables your children love to eat, like tomatoes and lettuces so that they can dig into their hard work.

4. Get animals involved too

Most children love spending time around wildlife, so add a birdbath, bird feeder and any other type of feeders that will attract animals to your yard. If you have enough room, install a small pond for fish. Children will love seeing these creatures up close and want to spend even more time with you outside by the garden.

5. Decorate the garden with arts and crafts

Encourage children to get creative, by recycling, repurposing and remaking items around the house, to fill up the garden. These can be products that range from birdhouses to wind chimes. Giving your children this freedom, lets them feel like they are playing a real part in how the garden looks.