4 Tools Every Gardener Must Own

gardening toolsA gardener is nothing without their tools. While the items that you stock up your shed with may vary depending on what you’re growing, there are certain tools that practically every gardener needs at all times. Check out these essential tools for growing a healthy garden below:

1. Hand Rake

  • When you need to loosen or turn soil, the hand rake is your go-to tool. For those who have never seen this product before, it’s a three-pronged tool that’s very reminiscent of a claw. It comes in a bunch of different materials like plastic and aluminum, but stainless steel is definitely the best choice overall since it resists rust. 

2. Trowel

  • Then, there’s the trowel for those times you need to break up dirt and dig holes in your garden. In case you’re unfamiliar with the trowel, it’s a pointy-ended small shovel that features one-piece construction and a smooth, comfortable handle. This is important because with the trowel, you’ll be using a lot of force, so comfort is a necessity.

3. Shovel

  • There’s no way we can have a list of the must have gardening tools and leave out the shovel. The shovel comes with a blade that’s wide and flat, making it perfect for moving and lifting heavy items such as dirt and gravel. Yes, the shovel is similar to a spade, but with a spade, you have a pointed and angled blade instead. The spade is also ideal for breaking up dirt and digging as well.  Of course both tools are great additions to any household, but the shovel is the one that’s a must have.

4.  Shears

  • Whenever you grow a plant in your garden, there’s a good chance that you’ll have to cut and trim it at some point. That’s because pruning helps remove dead growth, so that new life can grow, making your plant stronger and healthier. We recommend buying a couple pairs of shears, each focused on a different task. For instance, small shears are great for cutting small stalks and other little details, while larger ones are ideal for cutting branches and other big jobs. Remember, you’ll want to try out the shears before you purchase them, though. This way you know they’re comfortable and made of the highest quality.

Photo Credit:  Thinkstock