Unique Garden Planters For Your Herbs

Herbs are so important to our well-being in so many ways. The health benefits are astounding, but their unique smell and beauty should be displayed for all to enjoy. Finding creative planters to show how much you love your herb garden can be a challenge, but with a few helpful tips and designs, you will be on your way to making the neighbors envious. Here is some inspiration and guidance on several unique ways to show off your herbs.

Use those old baskets

plant basket
Photo by Cathal Mac an Bheatha

If you have a few baskets around the house just taking up space, you can turn them into planters for your herbs and place them in various places around your home. A cluster of baskets all together in different heights and angles will make a splendid herb garden in your yard.

I’m a little teacup

little pots
Photo by Alex Holyoake

Use those cute little teacups that you never use, and plant your herbs in them. They will bring color and charm to your little herb garden and will become conversation pieces too.

The can can plan

container gardeningTired of those leftover cans that you have after you eat your soup? Recycle them by turning them into small planters. Place them all in a row on a wall and let the herbs do the rest. Create a rustic style with a tin can herb garden.

Stack your clay pots

clay pots
Photo by Annie Spratt

Use the little hole in your clay pots for more than just water drainage. Take a firm skinny rod-like rebar and place it inside the hole and add more pots to the skewer.  Angle the pots in opposite directions and anchor the rod to the ground. Once you have it secure and in position, add dirt to the pots along with your herbs. The whimsical sculpture will be eye-catching.

Mason jar delight

mason jars planters
Photo by Freestocks

Mason jars have an old country feel that will add charm to your herbs. Use them as planters and place them in special places outside your home or inside. Baby food jars are also a great way to display your herb garden. Recycle those old jars and put them to good use.

Tire Planters

tire planters
Photo by My Life Through a Lens

Do you have any old tires around the house? Turn them into planters by hanging one in a tree by a chain or a rope, and plant your herbs inside. There are so many ways to design a tire planter and you can get a few more ideas from www.pithandvigor.com/diy-projects/diy-recycled-tire-garden-planters/ .

Box garden planters

Primroses box planterYou can turn a nice wooden box into an herb garden. Paint it and make it look as uniquely your style as you want. Add some beads, shells, or recycled glass and give it a coat of varnish. No one on the block will have an herb garden as cute as you because no one can do you like you can do.

Have fun creating your unique herb gardens and don’t be afraid of making mistakes. You are the master of your domain, so be adventurous.

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