Steps to Making a Seed Bomb

seed bomb

If you are looking for a new way to propagate seeds in your garden, it is best to create seed bombs. Seed bombs, which are also commonly referred to as seed balls, help your seeds grow into healthy plants, while reducing your need to add chemical fertilizers to your soil.  This is especially great for those whose garden is full of poor soil. Check out the steps below to find out how you can make your very own seed bombs.

Step One: Purchase Your Seeds

  • For you to successfully make bomb seeds, you will need to start by buying quality seeds that are proven to grow well over a large area in poor soil. In other words, you want seeds that won’t require too much attention from you, as well as seeds that won’t sprout into plants that damage your garden like weeds.  If you are weary about what kind of seeds to pick, go to your local nursery and ask a staff member there. They will be more than happy to choose a type of seed for you.

Step Two: Soak the Seeds

  • Overnight, drench your seeds in a weak compost tea. When you wake up in the morning, check to see if there are any seeds still floating in the container. If there are, throw them away because they are most like damaged seeds that won’t grow the way you want it to.

Step Three: Prepare the Seeds

  • While there are various methods you can use to prepare your balls, the one outlined here is the one we have found to be most effective. Start out by buying some rich loam soil or any other kind of clay soil that can form a stable ball. Be careful here, though. Your plants should be able to thrive in this soil, so it cannot be too acidic. With your pure loam soil, begin shaping it into balls that are about the size of golf balls.  You may need to use water to do this so that the soil becomes pliable. Then, place the seeds you bought earlier into each ball.

Step Four: Let the Seed Balls Dry Out

  • After you create your seed ball, give it roughly 24 hours to sit out and dry. For this step, you may want to leave the seed bombs on a newspaper in a covered area like a shed.

Step 5: Plant the Seed Bomb

  • After your seed bomb dries, you are ready to begin growing the garden you always dreamed of. All you have to do is dig out some soil in your garden, the way you would harvest any crop, and drop your seed bomb into it. Cover up that hole with existing soil and then you’re done. From there, you’ll just have to wait a couple weeks to see your seedling grow.

Photo Credit:  Thinkstock