Seven Reasons to Eat More Lettuce

lettuce salad
Photo by Raphael Nogueira

From being the main ingredient in salads to topping burgers, we’re constantly eating lettuce. However, do you ever stop to think about all the health benefits that come with this vegetable? If not, you should. It’s so good for your body. In fact, check out our list of reasons below why you should keep munching on that green deliciousness.

1. Calorie Content of Lettuce

If you’re on a diet or just watching what you’re eating, this healthy green plant is your go-to food. It has almost zero fat and barely any calories. For those looking for numbers, in one shredded cup alone, this healthy green veggie has only 12 calories

2. Facilitates Weight Loss

Lettuce helps you lose weight because it contains plenty of fiber and cellulose, which actually fills you up. Now, you won’t be left hungry after your meal looking for some junk food to snack on. Besides this, the greens improve your digestion, making it a great tool for long-term weight control.

3. Good For Your Heart

When the vitamin C and beta-carotene found in lettuce comes together, it ends up preventing the oxidation of cholesterol. In other words, lettuce stops plaque from building up.

4. Aids Those Dealing with Insomnia

When you cut open lettuce leaves, you’ll notice a while fluid pouring out, called lactucarium. This has properties that not only relax you but also induce sleep. It’s often compared to opium, but without all the strong side effects that come with it.

5. Balances Out Your Alkaline

The minerals in lettuce help your body get rid of toxins, all while keeping your acid levels in balance. This is so important because once that happens, you’re left with young looking skin, more energy than ever before and the ability to think clearer and sleep better.

6. Low Glycemic Index

Typically, lettuce has a glycemic index of 15, but since it has so few calories, it’s actually considered to have a glycemic index of zero. This is ideal for anyone looking to lose weight, as well as those who need to keep an eye on their blood sugars.

7. Contains Micronutrients Only Found in Raw Food

Since lettuce is practically always eaten raw, its consumers are provided with a lot of micronutrients that you can’t find in cooked or processed foods.