Start The Year With Your New Garden Trellis

A garden trellis is a beautiful addition to any garden. It adds a nice focal point, height, and architecture to the space. It is a nice base layer for climbing plants and a great way to display flowers or potted plants. You can have it as an entry archway, or a mid point. Any style, any color, any material can be used! You can add shelves, accents, and anything your imagination can think up. Trellises can be basic or complicated, but whatever you choose, it is a benefit to any garden.

Winter is a great time to plan and build your new trellis. The first step will be deciding where you want to place the trellis. Take a look at your garden layout: what are your hopes? Let’s talk about different options for your design.

The entryway trellis is typically an archway; two side panels line the pathway under the arch overhead. These are pretty ornate, and are great for growing climbing plants such as wisteria or clematis.

Another design is the flat trellis. This style generally is used to cover an eye sore, whether it be a backyard fence or an air conditioning unit. These are usually a grid pattern, and are supported in the ground on either side for more of a panel look. This style trellis is helpful for climbing roses or ivy, and can be used with hooks to hang small potted plants.

The last style is the seating area. This trellis has a gazebo style to it. It is often placed on a open corner of a large garden or in the middle. It follows the archway style with added bench seating on either side. The gazebo style trellis works best in a large garden or in an open yard with gardens surrounding.

Once you make the decision it is time to measure and decide on a design. Many large garden centers have pre built trellises, as well as plans on how to build one from scratch. Construct and place your trellis and viola! You have just updated and added to the beauty of your garden!