Learn To Grow Micro Greens From Seed To Harvest

micro greens
Photo by Markus Spiske

What are microgreens? Microgreens are a fancy new type of garnish that many specialty stores and restaurants are using now. They’re bright green, healthy for you, and oddly enough, expensive to purchase. It’s almost cost-prohibitive to indulge in this healthy treat.

Since they’re something as simple as seedlings, it should be easy as pie to learn how to grow microgreens from seed to harvest. Indeed, it is, and as long as you have a sunny windowsill, you can have your own microgreens on demand!

Set Up Home

Your first task in becoming a microgreen gardener is to find a new home for them. Nearly any shallow pan is good, though we particularly enjoy pie tins. They’re reusable, recyclable, and replaceable without costing too much, and are shallow enough for the microgreens. Next, find a windowsill where the container can sit comfortably. We recommend south-facing windows, or windows where plenty of sun will shine through. This will get your seeds sprouting in no time. Buy a bag of potting soil or seed-starting soil, and you’re ready to go!

Choosing Your Microgreens

Many different plants can be grown and harvested as microgreens. In fact, most vegetables, herbs, and even some flowers are edible as seedlings. However, for beginners and those of us who are somewhat pickier, there are salad mixes to choose from. You can choose from packets of seeds specifically mixed to be good microgreens, or grow simple and easy seeds such as broccoli, chia, or even cauliflower. Whether you prefer the mix, or just one easy to grow seed, it’s your choice.


Poke a couple of holes at the bottom of your container to provide enough drainage for your plants, and fill it about two inches deep with your potting soil. Water the soil to get it fully wet, and let it drain out through the holes into a tray. Once the soil is fully wet and has had enough time to drain the excess water, scatter your seeds across the top of the soil. Use your hands to lightly compact the soil and press the seeds into the dirt, allowing them to plant themselves where they will. Cover the seeds with either a thin layer of dirt or a plastic covering to simulate a greenhouse, and wait!


The sprouts may take up to seven days to sprout, and in the meantime, you’ll need to keep them wet. Use a spray bottle or a small water cup to keep the top layer of soil wet!


The seeds should sprout in seven days or less and will be ready to harvest in two to three weeks. Once your seedlings are about two inches high, all you need to do is start mowing your little lawn with a pair of scissors and pick up the little greens. In just two to three weeks, you’ll have a healthy supply of microgreens, grown just for you!