5 Herbs You’ll Never Want To Start From Seeds

There is definitely something fun when it comes to growing herbs from the seeds. Besides getting to care for the seedling, you watch it grow right until you use it. It’s like a leafy child — no doubt about that.

However, there are some herbs that prove too difficult to grow from seed, as they require a lot of work and your precious time. This is particularly true for those people considering urban gardening, where they only have small places to utilize. In such a case, they are better off purchasing transplants.

Here are five herbs you want to grow after they’ve matured a bit.

growing herbs

  1. Lavender

This herb can be a little tricky since it is very slow growing, something that can lead to problems with fungus and diseases, because young plants tend to be very susceptible. Lavender is believed to be very finicky when it comes to moisture, and because it grows slowly, it can prove very difficult to ensure it is healthy throughout.

  1. Bay Leaf

Bay leaf is very hard to germinate since it must be both fresh and viable, not to mention kept moist and stratified. If you are looking to plant this herb, you will find that it is very difficult to find it as it is in high-demand. The worst of all is that it grows extremely slow as well as a low germination rate.

  1. Flavored Mint

Most types of flavored mint, from orange mint to chocolate mint, cannot be started from seeds, but only from cuttings. According to expert gardeners, this is because they are hybrid varieties and cannot grow well when started from the seed. If you wish to grow them in your garden, buy cuttings and follow the correct procedure to keep them healthy.

  1. White Sage

Just like bay leaf, white sage is also very difficult to germinate since it has only 10 to 15 percent germination rate. What’s more, it takes a long period to grow. This means that the viability is extremely low, to a point that you may end up producing only 10 to 12 seeds per cell if you want enough plants to grow.

  1. Rosemary

Rosemary and lavender seeds are somehow similar. It can be very frustrating if you choose to grow them from the seed since there are numerous varieties. In order to ensure that you get the right variety for your garden, you are better off going for a cutting and then propagate from that, instead of a seed it is so much easier starting rosemary from a cutting or from a plant purchased at a nursery.

When growing herbs in your garden, you must know the correct varieties and of course how to plant them. Basically, you have three options when it comes to planting: Either grow right from the seed, plant cuttings, or buy from a nursery. These are some of the herbs you will not want to grow from the seed.

What tips do you have about growing herbs?


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