How to Grow Strawberries Out of a Jar


Photo by Jez Timms

Strawberries are one of our favorite fruits to eat all year long. They’re sweet and juicy, leaving us constantly craving more. Now using a simple household item like a jar, you can grow strawberries and create a strawberry patch in your very own backyard. Check out our directions below to get started.

1. Begin by constructing a built-in drain on the jar

Typically, this is done by filling the bottom with a 1-inch layer of gravel. Then, separate the gravel from the soil using a piece of nylon pantyhose. When you finish that, fill the jar with potting soil up to the lowest pocket. Pat the soil down until it is firm, so that any trapped air spaces are eliminated.

2. Starting with the lowest pocket, make a small hole in the soil

Thread a single strawberry plant down into the pocket, with its roots facing toward the interior of the jar. Keep adding more soil until you’ve reached the next pocket level. Using your fingers, keep the soil firm. Repeat the planting process until all of the pockets in the jar are filled. However, don’t fill it too high up. You need to leave space at the top for more plants.

If you’re using a larger jar, drill holes into a length of 2 ¼ inch diameter PVC pipe at 4-inch intervals. Take the pipe and insert it into the jar’s center, down through the soil to the bottom pocket. Make sure you do this before you begin planting, since it allows water to seep down and soak lower plants in the process. To achieve a dense, flowing look, we recommend that you finish off the top of your jar with a number of plants spaced tightly together.

3. Lastly, container gardens dry out fast, so water frequently and add plant food when needed

At Gracious Gardening, we suggest that you use moist soil and vitamins. They will truly help your garden flourish.  Besides the occasional manicure, there is no extra maintenance required. However, do snap off any dead leaves and overripe fruit you see growing in the jar. This will keep your plants looking fresh and vibrant. Also, rotate the jar one-quarter turn every couple of days, so that the plants and berries receive an equal amount of sunlight.