Finding Inspiration in Nature Photography

inspiration nature photography
Nature photography Photo by Jacob Owens

Photo by Phil Houston

In an earlier post, I looked at getting creative with gardening design. A large part of being creative is finding inspiration. An interesting place to find inspiration is in nature photography. Think about it. Nature photography is about catching the most stunning moments of nature, and yet the most stunning moments often have some design to them. Someone has shaped nature in such a way that they’ve created an image worth capturing and sharing. Below are a couple of practical things to think about when trying to find inspiration for your own design in nature photography.

Inspiration to capture a moment

Photographs capture a moment and the goal is often to capture the most perfect moment. Everything you do with your garden or any other area of your backyard is about creating a picture that is appealing. Of course, there’s the practical side to it as well, but many people garden simply for the pleasure of creating something beautiful. As you’re working on your designs and making them a reality, think about what your garden would look like if a nature photographer were to come and take photographs of what you’ve created. You’re likely to produce something much better. In fact, you can take that inspiration, pick up a camera, and seek to capture those images yourself. After you’ve captured some great images of your designs, share them with others online who are trying to find their own inspiration for a creative garden design.

Borrow the ideas of others for inspiration

People are inherently creative, and there are a lot of great ideas out there. Fortunately, technology has made the world a place where people can easily share their ideas. If someone is willing to share a great idea they’ve come up with, borrow their ideas, or take their ideas and put a new spin on them that is yours. Learn to appreciate the creativity of others and what you can learn from them, and you’ll have more ideas at your disposal when you’re working on your own design.

Many people have shared some breathtaking photos of some beautiful nature creations. Learn from these people, and you may find yourself creating something worth capturing and sharing.