How to Preserve Beautiful Fall Leaves by Pressing

fall leaf pressing
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Fall has arrived and the leaves are putting on their annual multiple color show. It is breathtaking to see the leaves change and dazzle us all with their amazing glory. It’s not enough to just look at them and go home, but we sometimes need a little souvenir to remind us of where we’ve been. We pick the luscious colorful leaves that move us the most and try to save them as mementos. Sitting them aside on the mantle and seeing them turn to dust is no way to capture a memory. This would be the perfect time to learn how to preserve them with leaf pressing.

The act of leaf pressing

This leaf pressing technique is so simple that you probably have pressed something before and didn’t even know you were doing it. I know I have. When I was a kid, I would collect four-leaf clovers and save them for luck. Then I would slip one in between the pages of a book and just leave it there. After that I would forget it was there and weeks or months later, I would open up the book and it would be nice and flat. In the beginning I had no idea that I was pressing.

After you have picked the prettiest leaves you can find, minus the ones with the ugly brown spots and curly ends, place them down flat in between two pieces of paper. This could be newspaper, typing paper, toilet paper, wrapping paper, paper towel, or even a book, who knew? Now place some heavy weight on top of the leaf sandwich. You can use some old encyclopedias, dictionaries, or anything heavy that you can leave sitting for weeks. Make sure that you do this in an area with very little moisture. You do not want the leaf to rot. Leave the leaf under all that weight for about two weeks or more and then take a look. It should be ready for you.

Displaying your creations

Now you can place it in an album for safekeeping, or use it in any way you think will make you happy. You can place them in frames pressed between the glass, glue them on paper, or give your décor a bit of décor with a fall leaf arrangement. Try something new and different to show off your lovely leaves. You can also use them as book markets for a little while. Whatever you decide to do, enjoy your beautiful fall leaf collection and pass it on to someone else who may be interested in preserving their own leaves. Showing the next generation how to press leaves will keep the tradition alive. Make it fun and entertaining for the entire family. That is how you make memories that will outlast the fall leaves, something that will be left after the leaves have long disintegrated.