DIY: Constructing a Potting Bench in 5 Steps

potting bench
Photo by Wikimedia Commons

Gardeners are nothing without their potting benches. These wooden structures allow them to gather up their tools and materials in one place. While you can buy this type of workstation from any garden nursery, why not make your own? Learn how to construct a potting bench below.

Supplies to make the potting bench

– 1 x 4 boards
– 4 x 4 scraps
– Screws
– Support brace
– Nailer
– Drill
– Countersink kit
– Table saw
– Clamps

What To Do Step-by-Step

1. Build the frames

You want to start out by building the frames for both the top and bottom of the bench. To do this, place one 1 x 4 board on the ground. From there, use your nailer to screw it together with three other pieces of the same size. Then, grab any scrap 4 x, 4 boards, nearby to begin erecting one of the frames from the floor. Once again, use your nailer to connect the frame together. Set the posts in their rightful spots and tack it to 1 x 4 banding. Make sure that the four corners are attached in and that the other two are centered.

2. Fix them together

The 1 x 4 pieces must be pre-drilled with the countersink kit, while the posts have to be locked in using 2″ wood screws. Once that’s done, put clamps on the two center posts. This will help set the banding into position. As far as the bottom goes, you can use your 3/4″ block to do this. Add more screws as you see necessary.

3. Add support braces

Beginning from front to back, add your support braces to the bench. Then, on top of that, nail in your 1 x 6 board. Remember to leave an even gap between the boards, and notch anything you see fit. This will keep your board as strong as possible.

4. Assemble the top

To assemble the top of your bench, take two 1 x 4 pieces of wood and attach them between the front and back banding with wood screws. Don’t forget to insert a 1 x 2 brace between them. In order to support the bin, attach a brace along the front and put in a 1 x 2 brace around the inside of the banding.

5. Create a removable bin top

Create a removable bin top by setting out three slats, with 1/4″ spacers between them. Next, secure the cleats, but keep in mind that everything stays square. Flip the top over and remove any spacers that you originally inserted.¬†With your 1 x 6 cedar boards, saw out a bunch of slats. Before you start attaching them though, check that the top is aligned directly over the bins. Begin in the center and work toward one end, using spacers along the way so that everything remains aligned. Once you get to the end, measure the width of the last board, cut it using the table saw and drop it into its correct position.