Design an Herbal Tea Garden

herbal tea garden

While it may be easy to run to the store and pick up a pack of tea bags, it is just as simple to create your own herbal tea garden. Not only will it improve the overall look of your backyard, but it will also leave you with a cup of tea full of the herbs you worked so hard to plant.

Learn how to design an herbal tea garden:

Step One: Pick a Location

  • You want to place your herbal tea garden in an area of your yard that is enclosed far away from everything else going on here. That means you may need to use some hedges or put up some small fences to completely block off this area. Besides this, you will also want to create your herbal tea garden in a spot that gets hit directly with sunlight. Remember, in order for these herbs to truly grow strong and flourish, they need to get plenty of heat and sunshine.

Step Two: Add a Centerpiece

  • This step is completely up to you. However, many people that have a herbal tea garden in their backyard prefer to add either a statue or fountain to the center of this area. It’s strictly a decorative piece so if you choose to put up an item here, buy something that you not only like but also feel represents you and your home.

Step Three: Include Furniture

  • When your herbal tea is all ready, you’ll want a spot to sit down and enjoy  it. We suggest purchasing some chairs and iron tables so that you can drink what you made right there in your garden. In fact, this is a typical Japanese tradition, where herbal tea gardens are insanely popular.

Step Four: Plant Your Herbs

  • Once you’re done setting up your herbal tea garden, it is time to actually plant your herbs. You can plant whichever herbs you want, but mint is usually a must-have. Just make sure you put down tags next to each herb you plant so that you can properly identify what it is.

Design an herbal tea garden and share photos with us!


Image: iStockPhoto