Wonderful Herbs You Can Grow Year ‘Round

grow herbs year round

Herbs are an excellent way to spice up any dish you may have. Whether you prefer to use oregano or parsley, is completely up to you. What if you want those fresh herbs year round though? Well, there’s a way to make sure you do! All you need is a sunny window indoors, some pots, good soil, and some plant food to grow herbs.


This is a classic little herb. It’s used in a lot of dishes to help balance out flavors or to enhance a dish. Oregano is very hardy, and as long as you clip it regularly it will last you all year. While it’s a small herb, you can usually harvest it once it’s started to grow out just a bit. You will need to give it plant food every couple of months to ensure the soil it’s in stays healthy. The soil also has to be well drained, and kept moist.


Basil is another excellent plant that does well in a sunny location, but you can have year round. It has broad leaves and actually looks even a bit decorative. Just start a few seeds off in a warm location, and they should sprout with absolutely no issues. When you’re ready to use it for seasoning all you have to do is pick a few leaves to add to any dishes.


Have you ever seen whole bay leaves dried when you go shopping for groceries? It’s an herb usually using that whole leaf to flavor dishes. Bay leaves do great indoors, but they don’t like to be crowded. If you’re going to start some make sure it gets plenty of air circulation. This will help it to stay healthy, and to give you plenty of bay leaves to enjoy throughout the year.


Parsley is another sun-loving plant. You can even start it off in your garden, and then dig it up to put in a pot for later. A sunny window is your best option for this herb. However, it will still continue to grow given a shady location. It will just be a bit slower to mature.


Sage is an excellent indoor plant you may enjoy having. It can tolerate the dry air when it comes to being indoors. However, make sure it gets a lot of sun so it continues to thrive.

Those are several of the best herbs you can grow year ’round right in your own home! This makes it convenient so you can have fresh herbs at your fingertips without having to worry about buying new spices all the time. Usually a window box or a bunch of small pots will make great homes for your herbs. You may have to clip them every couple of weeks to make sure they remain at a decent size though. Some compost or plant food may be needed as well to continue to feed them throughout the year. Other than that, enjoy your fresh herbs!

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Do you grow herbs year ’round?


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