How To Know When Your Plants Need Water

when to water plants

Knowing when to water plants is very important. Some plants require more water than others. You have to make sure the soil is draining well. You can’t over water or you risk drowning your plants. On the other hand, if you don’t give them enough water you risk the plants drying up in the sun. So, how can you tell when they have had enough? Well, we decided to tell you how to know when it’s a great time to water your plants.

If Plants Are Outside, Check the Weather Forecast

If you have a garden outside and you have a set time you water your plants, check the weather forecast first. You want to check first to see if it will rain that week. If rain is scheduled to happen in the next couple of days, let the rain water your plants. This will save you from wasting any water when it comes to your plants. It also helps to check the weather forecast to see how to limit water during the times it doesn’t rain.

Top Soil is Dry

Another great way to check if it’s time to water your plants is to see if the topsoil is dry. Usually, the topsoil should at least be damp to the touch. If it’s dry, it’s probably a good indication to water the plants. If you’re unsure of water, scrape a bit of the top soil away. If you go in barely an inch and the soil is damp, wait a few more days before watering. If the soil is still dry, then give your plants a big drink of water. Be sure to spread the water around a little bit on top of the soil as well so it has a chance to soak into the dirt.

Your Plant Is Shriveling Up

Even if you do water your plants regularly, another time it may show they need more frequent watering is if they begin to shrivel up. A plant that doesn’t get enough water will start to become dry and brittle. Its leaves will crumple up and begin to curl before falling off. This is a sign the plant is not getting enough water and is drying out. Be sure to give it some extra water. Once you have, wait about a week or so to see if any changes occur. If the plant continues to dry up, be sure to water it more often.

Knowing when it’s a good time to water your plants can see difficult. You have to be careful about how often you water. Be sure to do some research about how much water is recommended to give each. Some plants thrive just fine on little water, while some may need to have water at more frequent times. It also helps not to water if you’re expecting it to rain soon. This will save a little bit of water on your part.

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