When To Prune Flowering Shrubs as They Bloom

When To Prune Flowering Shrubs as They Bloom

One of the many benefits that come from flowering plants is the beautiful blooms that come with it. Springtime and summer are the seasons often heralded by colorful plants or blooms. Once the peak season is near end, it’s time to clean up by pruning the shrubs. Whether you’re new to flowering shrubs or a seasoned gardening pro, there will always be a few tips and tricks to help make the planting process even easier.¬† Here are four tips to try: [photo via gardenersblog]

Know the Reason for Pruning

Most gardeners prune their plants to remove dead blooms or diseased parts of the plants as a means of saving the rest of the plants. Some gardeners also prune shrubs or bushes to create unique shapes. Most gardeners who grow flowering shrubs prune for the former reason.

Shaping the Shrubs

A nicely trimmed, shapely shrub looks a nicer than an overgrown untamed one. If your plants haven’t fully bloomed yet, the key here is to trim the shrubs carefully to ensure that you don’t remove future blooms. Start by taking note of your plant’s blooming habits, and prune them during the dormant period. For instance, for blooms that grow during late summer or early fall, winter is the best time to prune. The same rule applies to plants that need a good pruning to rejuvenate the blooms. Pay attention to your calendar and/or your plant’s growth.

Know When to Trim

With that said, it’s okay to trim your plants whenever you feel necessary. It’s perfectly okay to cut back branches or dead flowers. Remember to carefully trim them and not to cut them back so far it might hurt the plant. Remember not to over trim the plant or you could end up killing the entire shrub. Most plants that have to be pruned should be pruned when the blooming phase is complete.

Know When Not To Trim

On the contrary, there are times when pruning your plants is not necessary. Although many shrub plants need an occasional or yearly trim, there are many more that don’t. The list of flowering shrubs that don’t need to be pruned include woody plants, forsythia, lilacs, and many other perennial flowers. Remember that annual plants need regular trims to help sustain growth.

Pruning your plants is really just another way to tend to your plants. A healthy garden always starts with the right tips and products. All you need is a good pruning tool and to follow the aforementioned tips for successful pruning.